bdyhk0zThe Fundamental Escape Podcast launched mid 2015 and is about creating conversation and connecting with people who have questions and doubts and pain and joy and everything in between. It is about honesty and curiosity, it’s a safe space to ask all those questions about faith and spirituality that you are not supposed to ask.  Mark Fitzgerald was the founder and David Werba jumped in to help with the sound and then found himself intrigued with the conversations and decided to switch on his mic and join the show. Mark is from New Zealand and grew up going to Church all his life, he found himself somewhat disillusioned after some life experiences caused him to question many of the ideas he was handed growing up. David on the other hand grew up with a Catholic background but tends to be a lot more logical and critical in his thinking, in short they compliment each other well in the discussions. Here is an episode of the podcast where Mark and David share a little about themselves.